Butternut Squash and goat`s cheese gnocchi in creamy Cardinal sauce (V)£11.95

rolls of fresh pasta filled with beef and spinach and baked with béchamel and mozzarella

Duck Risotto

cooked with creamy mushrooms and sweet dried figs, truffle oil drizzle

Gamberoni Vino Aglio

king prawns in a white wine garlic sauce with a hint of chillies and cream s/w linguini pasta

Linguini all Marinara

with mixed seafood, prawns in a tomato, garlic and hint of chilly

Linguini di Portofino

chicken with prawns and tender chicken meat in a sweet creamy sauce with hint of dried chilly flakes

Lobster Ravioli

and smoked salmon Alfredo sauce

Penne Siciliano

aubergine and beef pasta with chillies and mozzarella

Penne Tagliata di Manzo al` Arrabiata

Penne rigatoni with slices of steak strips in  tomato and chilli sauce (Steak can be replaced with halloumi cheese for vegetarians)

Pollo alla Italiano

chicken and mushrooms in a mouth-watering Neapolitan sauce with linguini pasta

Pollo Genovese

Chicken, mushroom in creamy pesto and penne pasta

Spaghetti Bolognese

a classic minced beef ragù served with pasta

Tortellini alla Funghi

Spinach and cheese parcels cooked with cream and mushrooms sauce