Calamari fritti, dip, lemon£6.95
Chilli beef Stuffed Mushrooms with spicy beef and mozzarella£6.95
Chorizo and chic pea and chilly pot£5.95
Fried whitebait, dip, lemon£6.50
Garlic bread with cheese (V)£5.95
Goats cheese & Wallnuts salad with apple and dried apricots and figs s/w balsamic dressing£7.95
Marinated homemade seafood salad with mussels, prawns, squid in olive oil, vinegar, and lemon£8.95
Mushrooms Italiano, tomato, garlic, mozzarella (V)£6.50
Pizza Garlic bread with tomato (V)£4.95
Prawns Piccante with chilliy and tomato s/w bread£6.95
Scallops Scorsese, pancetta, peppercorn cream, mustard£8.95
Spicy chicken and prawns, onions, peppers pot£5.95
Spinach & mushrooms bruschetta with cheese & garlic (V)£4.50
Tapas Plate SHARE with mixture of assorted bruschetta fried fish and cured meat, olives£15.95
Veggie Plate SHARE with selected fresh salad, vegetables, homemade dips and stuffed mushrooms, bruschetta (V)£12.95