Cuban Scallops and Prawns in chilli peppers and mushrooms Marinara sauce s/w rice£17.95
Don Paco`s chilly chicken with chorizo and king prawns s/w rice£16.95
Grilled steak Spiedini with fries and mushrooms, tomato£17.95
Meat Paella, tender meat, chicken, chorizo£16.95
Mixed grill, steak, chicken, lamb and homemade meatballs s/w tomato and onions salad£19.95
Monkfish Pessota in mixed peppers and basil tomato s/w potatoes and green beans£18.95
Paella with seafood, chicken, chorizo£15.95
Seabass with salad and potatoes s/w tomato and capers souce£16.95
Sweet chilly chicken ;cooked with king prawns &red peppers in a lovely sweet chilly sauce hint of cream s/w rice£16.95
Tom Hawk Ribeye Steak and fries - Peppercorn sauce served on side (Other cuts of steaks may be available please ask)£25.95£39.95
Veal Meatballs with tomato sauce, potatoes, green beans£16.95